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'Turbine Landing', November 2022

1.8x2m, Oil on Canvas 


'New Rain (II)', November 2022

51x76.5cm, Oil on Linen 

'Ribbon', November 2022

70x100cm, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 

IMG_8525 2.heic

'Double Pipe', October 2022

51x76.5cm, Oil on Linen

'New Rain (I)', September 2022

51x76.5cm, Oil on Canvas 

Screenshot 2022-07-16 at 10.23.45.png

'Parallel Bleed (2)', July 2022

19x23cm, Graphite Pencil on Paper

IMG_4417 2.HEIC

‘Stake’, June 2022

Diptych and Sculpture Installation

Diptych: Oil on Hessian, 150x218cm

Sculpture: Leather saddles, metal poles, red leatherette, powder pigment

Approx 75x75x85cm


'Parallel Bleed (1)', May 2022

19x23cm, Graphite Pencil on Paper


'Listening Saddles', April 2022

20.7x29.7cm, 29.7x41.4cm, Oil on Canvas 


'Level, Recoil', March 2022

Both 20.7x29.7cm, Oil on Canvas 

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